Tag Management Solutions

Once upon a time, tag management was a way to speed up analytics implementations and get tags on your with less IT involvement. Now, if used correctly, it should act as the conduit of your business data. We develop bespoke data collection methods which ensure you have accurate, relevant date about your business, in the systems that need it.

What are Tag Management Solutions

Tag management is a new foundational platform that enables marketers to easily connect, manage and unify their digital marketing applications (e.g., web analytics, search engine marketing, email service provider, advertising, social technologies, etc.) without a lot of ongoing development work.

A tag, in this case, is simply another name for a piece of data-collecting code that a vast majority of digital vendors now require their customers to embed on their web pages and mobile apps.

These tags often collect visitor behavior information, but can also be used to launch product functionality such as live chat, advertising or surveys.

With tag management, marketers or developers deploy one single tag on their pages - a master tag, so to speak - and then use an intuitive web interface to add, edit or remove any additional vendor tags in a fraction of the time it would take via manual software coding.

The real star of tag management, however, is something called "the data layer" - the behind-the-scenes data that drives customer interactions in web, mobile and other digital channels.

The Datalayer

The data layer resides between the application layer, comprised of various mission-critical digital solutions, and the experience layer that users interact with. Through the creation and optimization of this data layer (via tag management), organizations can easily standardize the data definitions used by each application, which enables them to sync their applications more easily.

The data layer is greatly enhanced by complementary visitor segmentation and profile enrichment tools, such as those offered by some providers (including my employer, Tealium) that deliver real-time segmentation and additional data distribution capabilities.

Do I need a Tag Managment Solution

In order to choose the right TMS for your organization, it's necessary to determine what you're seeking to accomplish, and to understand that competing vendors have different areas of focus. This type of audit will also help you decide whether a free solution is adequate for your organization or whether you need an enterprise solution.